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A workshop collaborating Estate Planning and Retirement Coaching 

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You have spent a lifetime preparing for the day when you have the freedom to shift your focus from career and responsibility to that next thing.  Accumulating a bucket list, enjoying a sport, travel, relocation...these are all common next steps once we separate from our career identities.  The funny thing is, some people find they are not content, something is missing, and they are interested in figuring it out. Retirement Coaching is a process of looking at 15 life aspects that directly affect happiness and contentment in retirement.  If some aspects are out of balance, we may not be able to enjoy our best self in this new phase of life.  The purpose of Retirement Coaching is threefold: identify the vision, create a plan that supports what makes each individual client happy; support the client's pathway to making the plan happen.


Through RetirementLab attorney Theresa Clancy has teamed up with retirement coach Ellen Lucke and the folks at Roadmap Your Life to create a workshop that can be offered as an employee enrichment, a community enhancement or a neighborhood development opportunity.  This workshop boosts morale, productivity, and personal growth.  It will help your team, community or neighborhood feel more in control in these days of globalization, higher demands of work and home, and unpredictable health concerns.  Attorney Theresa Clancy and retirement coach Ellen Lucke will customize the workshop to meet the needs and expectations of your organization.   Theresa and Ellen can enrich a single afternoon or they can return regularly for an expanded series of events.  Contact Theresa Clancy to get your workshop scheduled today.


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