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Special people need special attention.  If your special needs child is now or soon to be an adult, he or she may benefit from a court appointed guardianship proceeding to designate you as the guardian to handle financial or health care decisions.  Or, perhaps you need a plan for your child's guardianship after your death.  Theresa Clancy can help you with your guardianship needs.  Also, you may want to consider a Special Needs Trust for your child.  A Special Needs Trust can provide your child with the funds needed for education and personal needs (clothing, companion care, furniture, etc.) without losing government benefits.  Theresa Clancy can create a Special Needs Trust for your child.  Sometimes, guardianship may be needed for an aging spouse or parent.  Theresa Clancy can help you consider the options for your spouse, parent, and family in regard to long term care and legal guardianship.   

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